Bernina Foot Rack - different styles

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Bernina Feet Racks.  Different Styles.  For use in Bernina Feet Closets.


 Bernina Foot Rack for Basic Presser Feet

This is a rack to hold basic Bernina presser feet. It is not for use with feet that have a lens or for dual feed feet.
This is an insert for the Bernina foot storage system.

Part #030402.50.00

Bernina Foot Rack for New Style 9 mm machines with C (dual Lense) & D sensor Feet

Bernina Sensor Foot Rack for New Style 9mm machines with “C” & “D” sensors, these racks are for adding aditional shelves inside the Bernina upright accessory cases.

Part #032695.50.00

Bernina Foot Rack for older style C sensor Feet (single Lens)

For Bernina Feet with a Single Sensor


Part # 030616.50.00


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