Clover Water Soluble Pencil in assorted colours, Multipack or Single

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Mark & Sew! Easily wipes off with water. These marking pencils are suited for precise marking, enabling fine lines to be drawn on cloth. They are also very useful for marking when sewing, stitching and quilting.

Select if you would like a single pack in blue, pink, or white or multipack.

How to wipe the markings off

  • To wipe off with water, place a dry towel or cloth underneath your project
  • Wet a cloth or towel and rub it carefully to wipe off the markings


  • Test the pencil marker with a piece of the same fabric to see if the markings can easily be erased.
  • Please be aware that marking may not be washed-off if it ironed.
  • If marking cannot be erased, wash the fabric with water and mild detergent. Do not dry clean.
  • When sharpening use a small pencil sharpener of Clover's Pencil Sharpener.
  • The Water Soluble Pencil is a non-toxic pencil.

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