Bernina Standard Adapter Shank #75 or Short Shank Adaptor #77

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Bernina Standard Adapter Shank #75

The standard connector

  • To create ruffles along with the Ruffler foot #86
  • Easy to install
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines
  • Also available for older machines (530 - 1630) Please select appropriate one.

Suitable for various BERNINA sewing machines and sewing techniques, Standard Adapter Shank #75 enables hassle-free attachment of accessories to your machine

This special sewing accessory is used to attach Ruffler #86 for gathering and pleating various types of fabric. Acting as a connecting piece, Standard Adapter Shank #75 is designed to fit precisely between the needle bar and the accessory you wish to use. The individual accessories can be screwed onto the Adapter shank in a single step.


Bernina Short Adapter Shank #77

The short connector

  • Allows presser feet from other manufacturers to be used on Bernina sewing machines
  • Easy to install
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines
  • Also Available for older machines (530- 1630).  Please select appropriate one.

Short Adapter Shank #77 is the shortened version of Standard Adapter Shank #75. Serving as a connecting piece between needle bar and accessory, Short Adapter Shank #77 allows other manufacturers’ presser feet to be used on BERNINA machines.

If these feet are short-shanked, they won’t fit on the machine’s standard holder without an adapter. By contrast, Standard Adapter Shank #75 is used e.g. with BERNINA sewing accessories such as Ruffler attachment #86.

Please note that, unlike with the Simple binder, the special BERNINA Binder Foot #95 is to be used for binder attachments for pre-folded (#87) and unfolded (#88) bias tape. This will ensure the optimal functioning of these presser feet.


#75 & #77 For Older Berninas (530 - 1630)

Used for same purposes.  Please select the appropriate one when choosing items


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