HUSQVARNA® VIKING® 7 Hole or 11 Hole Cord Foot with Threader

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HUSQVARNA® VIKING® 7-Hole or 11-Hole cord Foot with Threader

Part #412989945 7 Hole Cord Foot With Threader (fits Group 1 - 8 Machines)

Part # 920621096 11 Hole Cord Foot with Threader (fits Group 9 Machines)


Create one-of-a-kind trims and stitch them in place in one step. Couch or stitch up to seven decorative threads at once for quick embellishment. Decorative Stitch or zigzag, width to stitch over threads. Use INSPIRA(R) Stabilizer as needed.

Other information

1. Thread decorative thread into holes from the top of the foot. The more holes you thread, the wider the decorative embellishment. Wrap lengths of thread on an empty spool to prevent tangles.
2. Snap on 7-Hole Cord Foot.
3. Place threads under the foot.
4. Mark a design on your fabric, stabilize as needed, sew. The decorative threads will be stitched down creating a beautiful braid embellishment.


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