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Part # 411850345

Fits Groups 1 - 9 of Machines

Transfer pattern markings with thread tacks. Use decoratively to create open/ladder seams or loops that can be fringe or animal hair. Zigzag stitch, length 1.5-2.5, width 3. Snap on Marking Foot. Reduce tension slightly.

Other information

Tailor Tacks:
1. Sew several stitches to mark. Do not tie off. Stitches will loop and be easy to remove.

Open/ladder seams:
1. Stitch two pieces of fabric right sides together.
2. Pull the fabrics to expose the open seam created by the looping threads.
3. Press seam allowances away from the open work and stitch down if desired.

Decorative Loops or Fringe:
1. Stitch with Marking Foot following desired design.
2. Finger press loops to one side and stitch along base of loops with a straight stitch to anchor them.
(For fringe, cut at center of loops.)

Not for: EMERALD 122, 118 and 116 machines, EDEN ROSE 250M, TRIBUTE 140M, 145M.

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