HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Double Welt Cord Foot

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HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Double Welt Cord Foot

Part # 4132627145

The Double Welt Cord Foot is used to make trim, to cover raw edges in place of braid or trim on your upholstery and home dec projects, or as a decorative touch on pillows, cushions and other home accessories. Create any color of trim when the color you need is not readily available.

Other information

1. Purchase 1/4" (6 mm) Cotton Filler Cord at least two times the length of the finished length of double welt trim.
2. Cut bias strip wide enough to wrap around two cords plus seam allowance.
3. Snap on the Double Welt Cord Foot. Select center needle straight stitch, stitch length 3.0. Place the cords side by side on the wrong side of the bias strip and wrap the fabric around the cords. Place the fabric and cords under the Double Welt Cord Foot with raw edges of the fabric to the right. Place the right cord in the left groove on the underside of the foot. Keep the cords against the fold as you sew.
4. Wrap the excess fabric to the underside straight stitch between the cords through all layers. Trim the excess fabric on the wrong side, near the stitching.
5. To sew the double welt cord trim to fabric, lay it in place on the project and straight stitch over the row of stitching in step 4.
6. For the edges of upholstery, use small upholstery finishing tacks or a staple gun to attach the double welt cord trim to cover raw edges.

For Groups 1 - 9 of Machines


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