Husqvarna Viking Quilt Binder for IDF System

Husqvarna Viking Quilt Binder for IDF System

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HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Quilt Binder (Group 8 & 9**)

Item # 920507096

For use with group 8 machines and DESIGNER DIAMOND series, DESIGNER RUBY series, DESIGNER TOPAZ series, SAPPHIRE series,OPAL SERIES, EDEN ROSE 250C, TRIBUTE 140c, 145c machines fitted with a compatible stitch plate (available separately) .

This binder attachment is perfect for attaching binding to your quilts. The quilt binder has a large opening to accommodate the quilt layers and creates a finished binding size of ½". The quilt binder attachment comes with a dedicated presser foot for the interchangeable dual feed foot to ensure even feeding through the binder and a perfect result.

The Double Fold ½" (12mm) binder will turn a light weight woven fabric strip into a binding and attach it to the project edges all in one step when fitted with 412964206 or 412964207 stitch plate. To bind edges with the ½" (12mm) Quilt Binder, cut a 1¾" (45mm) wide strip of light weight woven fabric.

** Use Quilt Binder Foot for IDF system for group 9 machines part #920568096

Mitred quilt corners will be effortless with the Quilt Binder, and don't just limit yourself to Quilts... If it needs binding the Quilt Binder is the answer for you. 

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