Husqvarna Viking Stabilizer Multi-Pack

Husqvarna Viking Stabilizer Multi-Pack

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Husqvarna Viking Stabilizer Multi-Pack


Set includes 2 x 20 inch x 12 inch sheets of each of the following stabilizers

Aqua Magic, Aqua Magic Plus, Cut a Way, Cut a Way Light, Tear a Way, Tear a Way Light & Sticky, Whisper Web, Whisper Web Light


 Aqua Magic is deal for any application that requires 100% of the stabilizer to be dissolved away.

Cut a Way is ideal for dense embroideries with a large number of stitches.

Cut a Way Light is for light stitch count designs.

Tear A Way is a crisp medium weight tear a way.

Tear A Way Sticky is a removable stabilizer with a revolutionary Paperless sticky surface.

Whisper Web Mesh is a semi sheer polyester stabilizer that is very soft yet strong.

Whisper Web Light is a light weight semi-sheer polyester stabilizer for light, semi-sheer and delicate fabrics, especially white garments.

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